Vincent Word Studies - James 5:11 - 5:11

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Vincent Word Studies - James 5:11 - 5:11

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Endure (ὑπομένοντας)

Present participle. But the later texts read ὑπομείναντας, the aorist participle, which endured; referring to the prophets in the past ages. So Rev. On endured and patience, see on Jam 5:7.

The end of the Lord (τὸ τέλος κυρίου)

A peculiar expression. The happy conclusion to which God brought Job's trials.

Very pitiful and of tender mercy (πολυσπλαγχνός καὶ οἰκτίρμων)

The former adjective only here in New Testament; the latter here and Luk 6:36. Rev., full of pity and merciful. Πολυσπλαγχνός is from πολύς, much, and σπλάγχνα, the nobler entrails, used like our heart, as the seat of the emotions Hence the term bowels in the A. V. (Phi 1:8; Col 3:12, etc.). Compare εὔσπλαγχνοι, tender-hearted, Eph 4:32. The distinction between this and οἰκτίρμων, merciful, seems to be that the former denotes the general quality of compassion, while the latter emphasizes the sympathy called out by special cases, being the feeling which is moved to pain at another's suffering.