Vincent Word Studies - James 5:4 - 5:4

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Vincent Word Studies - James 5:4 - 5:4

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Reaped down (ἀμησάντων)

Only here in New Testament. The primary meaning is to reap corn; also in classical Greek of mowing down in battle. The secondary, which some mistake for the primary sense, is to gather, as for harvest. Rev., mowed.

Fields (χώρας)

The more general word, place, for ἀγρός, the ordinary word for a field; though the usage is warranted by classical Greek, and occurs Luk 12:16; Joh 4:35, the only two instances besides this in the New Testament. It implies a larger tract than ἀγρός, as is evident in all the New-Testament passages cited. In two cases it refers to a rich man's estates; and in Joh 4:35, the Lord directs the attention of the disciples to a broad area or series of fields.

Crieth (κράζει)

An inarticulate cry. Compare Gen 4:10.

Lord of Sabaoth

Lord of hosts. The only instance in which the phrase is used by a New-Testament writer. Rom 9:29, is quoted from Isa 1:9.