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Vincent Word Studies - John 1:35 - 1:35

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Stood (εἱστήκει)

Rev., more correctly, was standing, since the imperfect tense denotes something in progress. Here, therefore, with the idea of waiting; was standing in expectation. Compare Joh 7:37; Joh 18:5, Joh 18:6, Joh 18:18.

Two of his disciples

The one was Andrew (Joh 1:41), the other the Evangelist himself, who studiously refrains from mentioning his own name throughout the narrative. The name of James the elder also does not appear, nor that of Salome, the Evangelist's mother, who is mentioned by name in Mark's Gospel (Mar 15:40; Mar 16:1). The omission of his own name is the more significant from the fact that he is habitually exact in defining the names in his narrative. Compare the simple designation Simon (Joh 1:42) with subsequent occurrences of his name after his call, as Joh 1:42; Joh 13:6; Joh 21:15, etc. Also Thomas (Joh 11:16; Joh 20:24; Joh 21:2); Judas Iscariot (Joh 6:71; Joh 12:4; Joh 13:2, Joh 13:26); the other Judas (Joh 14:22). Note also that he never speaks of the Baptist as John the Baptist, like the other three Evangelists, but always as John.