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Vincent Word Studies - John 1:38 - 1:38

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Saw (θεασάμενος)

Better, as Rev., beheld: looked steadfastly upon them as if studying them.

What seek ye?

The first words of Christ as recorded by John. Compare Mat 3:15; Mar 1:15; Luk 2:49.


My great one; my honorable sir. Explained by Jesus himself as διδάσκαλος, teacher (Mat 23:8, where the proper reading is διδάσκαλος, instead of καθηγητὴς, guide, master, found in Mat 23:10). Used by the Jews in addressing their teachers, and formed from a Hebrew root meaning great. It occurs commonly in John, and is found in Matthew and Mark, but not in Luke, who uses ἐπιστατής. See on Luk 5:5.

Being interpreted

John frequently adds explanatory remarks. See Joh 1:42, Joh 1:43; Joh 9:7.

Dwellest thou (μένεις)

Rev., abidest. Jesus had asked “What seek ye?” not whom. They reply, “Where dost thou abide?”