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Vincent Word Studies - John 1:48 - 1:48

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Knowest (γινώσκεις)

See on Act 19:15.

Under the fig tree (ὑπὸ τὴν συκῆν)

To be construed with εἶδον σε, I saw thee; i.e., I saw thee under the fig tree. The preposition with the accusative case, which implies motion toward, indicates his withdrawal to the shade of the tree for meditation or prayer. See on Joh 1:50. The Jewish writings tell of distinguished rabbis who were accustomed to rise early and pursue their studies under the shade of a fig tree. Compare Mic 4:4; Zec 3:10. Augustine, in his “Confessions,” relates of himself: “I cast myself down, I know not how, under a certain fig tree, giving full vent to my tears; and the floods of mine eyes gushed out, an acceptable sacrifice to Thee” (viii. 28). Nathanael asks, “Whence knowest thou me? “Jesus answers, “I saw thee (εἶδον).”