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Vincent Word Studies - John 10:1 - 10:1

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Verily, verily (ἀμὴν, ἀμὴν)

The formula never begins anything quite new, but connects what follows with what precedes. This discourse grows out of the assumption of the Pharisees to be the only authoritative guides of the people (Joh 9:24, Joh 9:29). They have already been described as blind and sinful.

Sheepfold (αὐλὴν τῶν προβάτων)

Literally, fold of the sheep. So Rev., better, because the two ideas of the flock and the fold are treated distinctly. Compare Joh 10:16.

Some other way (ἀλλαχόθεν)

Literally, from some other quarter. The thief does not, like the shepherd, come from some well-known direction, as from his dwelling or from the pasture, but from an unknown quarter and by a road of his own. This from is significant, because, in the previous discourses, Jesus has laid great stress on the source from which He proceeded, and has made the difference in character between Himself and His opposers turn upon difference of origin. See Joh 8:23, Joh 8:42, Joh 8:44. In the latter part of this chapter He brings out the same thought (Joh 10:30, Joh 10:32, Joh 10:33, Joh 10:36).

Thief - robber (κλέπτης - λῃστής)

For the distinction see on Mar 11:17. There is a climax in the order of the words; one who will gain his end by craft, and, if that will not suffice, by violence.