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Vincent Word Studies - John 10:31 - 10:31

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Took up - again (ἐβάστασαν - πάλιν)

Again refers to Joh 8:59. It seems as though a different verb is purposely chosen here (compare ἦραν took up, in Joh 8:59), since the interview took place in Solomon's porch, where stones would not be at hand. The verb here may mean to take up. So Ajax says:

“Send some one as a messenger to bear

The evil news to Teucros, that he first

May lift (βαστάσῃ) my corpse by this sharp sword transfixed.”

Sophocles, “Ajax,” 827.

Its more usual meaning in the New Testament, however, is to bear or carry. So of the cross (Joh 19:17; Luk 14:27). Here it might very properly be rendered brought, perhaps from the works which were then going on at the temple. See further on Joh 12:6.