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Vincent Word Studies - John 10:36 - 10:36

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Sanctified (ἡγίασεν)

Better, as Rev., in margin, consecrated. The fundamental idea of the word is separation and consecration to the service of Deity. See note on Act 26:10, on the kindred adjective ἅγιος, holy or consecrated.

The Son of God

There is no article. Its absence directs us to the character rather than to the person of Jesus. The judges, to whom the quotation in Joh 10:35 refers, were called gods, as being representatives of God. See Exo 21:6; Exo 22:8, where the word rendered judges is elohim, gods. In Exo 22:28, gods appears in the A.V. Jesus' course of reasoning is, if these judges could be called gods, how do I blaspheme in calling myself Son of God, since the Father has consecrated me and sent me on a special mission to the world?