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Vincent Word Studies - John 11:15 - 11:15

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For your sakes - to the intent ye may believe

These two clauses, which are separated in the A.V. and Rev., are, in the Greek order, placed together: for your sakes, to the intent ye may believe; the latter clause being explanatory of the former.

That I was not there

Bengel's comment is beautiful and characteristic. “It accords beautifully with divine propriety that we read of no one having died while the Prince of life was present. If you suppose that death could not, in the presence of Jesus, have assailed Lazarus, the language of the two sisters, Joh 11:21, Joh 11:32, attains loftier meaning; and the Lord's joy at His own absence is explained.”

Unto him (πρὸς αὐτόν)

Most touching. To him, as though he were yet living. Death has not broken the personal relation of the Lord with His friend.