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Vincent Word Studies - John 11:19 - 11:19

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Many of the Jews came

Rev., rightly, had come. The tense is the pluperfect. Lazarus' friendship with Jesus had not caused him to be regarded as an apostate, at whose burial every indignity would have been shown. People were even to array themselves in white, festive garments in demonstration of joy. Here, on the contrary, every token of sympathy and respect seems to have been shown.

To Martha and Mary (πρὸς τὰς περὶ Μάρθαν καὶ Μαρίαν).

Literally, to those about Martha and Mary; a Greek idiom for Martha and Mary and their companions, or attendants. Compare οἱ περὶ Παῦλον, Paul and his companions (Act 13:13). Somewhat analogous is our familiar idiom when we speak of going to visit a household: I am going to Smith's or Brown's, by which we include the head of the household with its members. Westcott and Hort and Tregelles, however, read πρὸς τὴν Μάρθαν κ. Μ., to Martha and Mary. So also the Revisers' text.