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Vincent Word Studies - John 11:2 - 11:2

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Anointed (ἀλείψασα)

Three words for anointing are found in the New Testament: ἀλείφω, χρίω, and its compounds, and μυρίζω. The last is used but once, Mar 14:8, of anointing the Lord's body for burying. Between the two others the distinction is strictly maintained. Χρίω, which occurs five times, is used in every case but one of the anointing of the Son by the Father With the Holy Spirit (Luk 4:18; Act 4:27; Act 10:38; Heb 1:9). In the remaining instance (2Co 1:21) of enduing Christians with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Thus the word is confined to sacred anointing. Ἁλείφω is used of all actual anointings. See Mat 6:17; Mar 6:13; Luk 7:38; Jam 5:14. The same distinction is generally maintained in the Septuagint, though with a few exceptions, as Num 3:3.