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Vincent Word Studies - John 11:39 - 11:39

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Take ye away

The stone was placed over the entrance mainly to guard against wild beasts, and could easily be removed.

The sister of him that was dead

An apparently superfluous detail, but added in order to give point to her remonstrance at the removal of the stone, by emphasizing the natural reluctance of a sister to have the corrupted body of her brother exposed.

Stinketh (ὄζει)

Only here in the New Testament. Not indicating an experience of her sense, which has been maintained by some expositors, and sometimes expressed in the pictorial treatment of the subject, but merely her inference from the fact that he had been dead four days.

He hath been dead four days (τεταρταῖος ἐστιν)

A peculiar Greek idiom. He is a fourth-day man. So Act 28:13, after one day: literally, being second-day men, The common Jewish idea was that the soul hovered about the body until the third day, when corruption began, and it took its flight.