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Vincent Word Studies - John 13:10 - 13:10

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He that is washed - wash his feet (ὁ λελουμένος - νίψασθαι).

The A.V. obliterates the distinction between λούω, to bathe, to apply water to the whole body, and νίπτω, to wash a part of the body. Thus, when Dorcas died (Act 9:37) they bathed her body (λούσαντες). The proverb in 2Pe 2:22, is about the sow that has been bathed all over (λουσαμένη). On the other hand, he who fasts must wash (νὶψαι) his face (Mat 6:17). Both verbs are always used of living beings in the New Testament. The word for washing things, as nets, garments, etc., is πλύνω. See Luk 5:2. All three verbs occur in Lev 15:11 (Sept.).