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Vincent Word Studies - John 13:2 - 13:2

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Supper being ended (δείπνου γενομένου)

The most approved reading is γινομένου, the present participle, denoting while a supper was in progress. Hence Rev., rightly, during supper. The A.V. is wrong, even if the reading of the Received Text be retained; for in Joh 13:12 Jesus reclined again, and in Joh 13:26, the supper is still in progress. It should be, supper having begun, or having been served. It is important to note the absence of the definite article: a supper, as distinguished from the feast, which also is designated by a different word.

Having now put (ἤδη βεβληκότος)

Rev., better, already. Put, is literally, thrown or cast.

Into the heart of Judas

Meyer, strangely, refers the heart, not to Judas, but to the Devil himself; rendering, the Devil having already formed the design that Judas should deliver Him up. Godet does not speak too strongly when he says that “this meaning is insufferable.”