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Vincent Word Studies - John 14:18 - 14:18

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Leave (ἀφήσω)

See on Joh 4:3.

Comfortless (ὀρφανούς)

Literally, bereft or orphans. Only here and Jam 1:27, where it is rendered fatherless. Compare my little children (Joh 13:33). “He hath not left us without a rule (Joh 13:34); nor without an example (Joh 13:15); nor without a motive (Joh 14:15); nor without a strength (Joh 15:5); nor without a warning (Joh 15:2, Joh 15:6); nor without a Comforter (Joh 14:18); nor without a reward (Joh 14:2) (James Ford, “The Gospel of St. John Illustrated”).

I will come (ἔρχομαι)

Present tense, I come. See on Joh 14:3.