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Vincent Word Studies - John 14:7 - 14:7

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Had known (ἐγνώκειτε)

Rather, had learned to know, through my successive revelations of myself.

Ye should have known (ἐγώκειτε ἄν)

The same verb as above. Some editors, however, read ᾔδειτε, the verb signifying absolute knowledge, the knowledge of intuition and satisfied conviction. If this is adopted, it marks a contrast with the progressive knowledge indicated by ἐγνώκειτε. See on Joh 2:24.

My Father

Not the Father, as Joh 14:6. It is the knowledge of the Father in His relation to the Son. Through this knowledge the knowledge of God as the Father, “in the deepest verity of His being,” is attained. This latter knowledge is better expressed by οἷδα. See on Joh 4:21.

Have seen

See on Joh 1:18.