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Vincent Word Studies - John 15:16 - 15:16

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Ye - chosen

The pronoun is emphatic: “It was not ye that chose me.”

Ordained (ἔθηκα)

Rev., appointed is better, because it divests the word of its conventional meaning. Ordain is from the Latin ordinare, and means to set in order. Thus, Robert of Gloucester's “Chronicle:” “He began to ordain his folk,” i.e., set his people in order. Hakluyt, “Voyages:” “He ordained a boat made of one tree.” The Greek verb means to set, put, or place. Hence of appointing one to service. See 1Ti 1:12. Wyc., Mat 24:47 : “Upon all his goods he shall ordain him.”

Should go (ὑπάγητε)

Withdraw from His personal society and go out into the world.

That whatsoever, etc. (ἵνα)

Coordinated with the preceding ἵνα, that, as marking another result of their choice and appointment by Christ. He has appointed them that they should bring forth fruit, and that they should obtain such answers to their prayer as would make them fruitful.