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Vincent Word Studies - John 16:16 - 16:16

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Ye shall not see (οὐ θεωρεῖτε)

The present tense: “ye behold me no more.” So Rev.

Ye shall see (ὄψεσθε)

A different verb for seeing is used here. For the distinction, see on Joh 1:18. Θεωρέω emphasizes the act of vision, ὁράω, the result. Θεωρέω denotes deliberate contemplation conjoined with mental or spiritual interest. “The vision of wondering contemplation, in which they observed little by little the outward manifestation of the Lord, was changed and transfigured into sight, in which they seized at once, intuitively, all that Christ was. As long as His earthly presence was the object on which their eyes were fixed, their view was necessarily imperfect. His glorified presence showed Him in His true nature” (Westcott).

Because I go unto the Father

The best texts omit.