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Vincent Word Studies - John 16:23 - 16:23

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Ye shall ask (ἐρωτήσετε)

Or, as Rev., in margin, ask - question. To question is the primary meaning of the verb, from which it runs into the more general sense of request, beseech. So Mar 7:26; Luk 4:38; Joh 17:15, etc. Here the meaning is, ye shall ask me no question (compare Joh 16:19, where the same verb is used). Compare Mat 16:13; Mat 21:24; Joh 1:19. Ask, absolutely, Luk 22:68. Note, moreover, the selection of the word here as marking the asking on familiar terms. See on Joh 11:22. Another verb for ask occurs in the following sentence: “If ye shall ask (αἰτήστητε) anything,” etc. Here the sense is, if ye shall make any request. Compare Mat 5:42; Mat 7:7, Mat 7:9, Mat 7:10, etc. Note, also, that this word for asking the Father marks the asking of an inferior from a superior, and is the word which Christ never uses of His own requests to the Father. Compare 1Jo 3:22.

Verily, verily

See on Joh 1:51; see on Joh 10:1.

Whatsoever ye shall ask - in my name - give

The best texts change ὅσα ἂν, whatsoever, to ἄντ, if (ye shall ask) anything; and place in my name after give it you. So Rev. If ye shall ask anything of the Father, He will give it you in my name. Not only is the prayer offered, but the answer is given in Christ's name.