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Vincent Word Studies - John 17:17 - 17:17

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Sanctify (ἁγίασον)

Constantly used in the Septuagint to express the entire dedication and consecration of both persons and things to God. See Exo 29:1, Exo 29:36; Exo 40:13; Lev 22:2, Lev 22:3. Rev., in margin, consecrate. See on Joh 10:36.

Through thy truth (ἐν τῇ ἀληθείᾳ σου)

The best texts omit thy. Through (ἐν) is to be rendered literally, in, marking the sphere or element of consecration. Rev., sanctify them in the truth.

Thy word (ὁ λόγος ο σὸς)

Properly, the word which is thine. See on Joh 15:9.