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Vincent Word Studies - John 19:23 - 19:23

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Four parts

All the Synoptists relate the parting of the garments. The four pieces to be divided would be, the head-gear, the sandals, the girdle, and the tallith or square outer garment with fringes. Delitzsch thus describes the dress of our Lord: “On His head He wore a white sudar, fastened under the chin and hanging down from the shoulders behind. Over the tunic which covered the body to the hands and feet, a blue tallith with the blue and white fringes on the four ends, so thrown over and gathered together that the gray, red-striped undergarment was scarcely noticeable, except when the sandal-shod feet came into view” (“A Day in Capernaum”).

Coat (χιτῶνα)

Or tunic. See on Mat 5:40.

Without seam (ἄῤῥαφος, or ἄραφος)

Only here in the New Testament. From ἀ, not, and ῥάπτω, to sew together. Like the tunic of the High-Priest. Only John records this detail.

Woven (ὑφαντὸς)

Only here in the New Testament.