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Vincent Word Studies - John 2:11 - 2:11

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This beginning

Or, more strictly, this as a beginning.

Of miracles (σημείων)

Rev., correctly, signs. See on Mat 11:20; see on Mat 24:24. This act was not merely a prodigy (τέρας), nor a wonderful thing (θαυμάσιον), nor a power (δύναμις), but distinctively a sign, a mark of the doer's power and grace, and divine character. Hence it falls in perfectly with the words manifested His glory.

Believed on Him (ἐπίστευσαν εἰς αὐτὸν)

See on Joh 1:12. Literally, believed into. Canon Westcott most aptly says that it conveys the idea of “the absolute transference of trust from one's self to another.”