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Vincent Word Studies - John 2:15 - 2:15

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A scourge (φραγέλλιον)

Only here in the New Testament. Only John records this detail.

Of small cords (ἐκ σχοινίων)

The Rev. omits small, but the word is a diminutive of σχοῖνος, a rush, and thence a rope of twisted rushes. The A.V. is therefore strictly literal. Herodotus says that when Croesus besieged Ephesus, the Ephesians made an offering of their city to Diana, by stretching a small rope (σχοινίον) from the town wall to the temple of the goddess, a distance of seven furlongs (i., 26). The schoene was an Egyptian measure of length, marked by a rush-rope. See Herodotus, ii. 6. Some find in this the etymology of skein.

Drove out (ἐξέβαλεν)

Literally, as Rev., cast out. See on Mat 10:34; see on Mat 12:35; see on Mar 1:12; see on Jam 2:25.


Referring to the animals. The A.V. makes the reference to the traders; but Rev., correctly, “cast all out - both the sheep and the oxen.”


See on Joh 2:14.


Wyc., turned upside down the boards. See on Luk 19:23.