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Vincent Word Studies - John 2:6 - 2:6

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Water-pots (ὑδρίαι)

Used by John only, and only in the Gospel, Joh 2:7; Joh 4:28. Water-pots is literally correct, as the word is from ὕδωρ, water.

Of stone

Because less liable to impurity, and therefore prescribed by the Jewish authorities for washing before and after meals.

After the manner of the purifying, etc.

That is, for the purifications customary among the Jews.

Containing (χωροῦσαι)

From χῶρος, a place or space. Hence, to make room or give place, and so, to have space or room for holding something.

Firkins (μετρητὰς)

Only here in the New Testament. From μετρέω, to measure; and therefore, properly, a measurer. A liquid measure containing nearly nine gallons.