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Vincent Word Studies - John 20:14 - 20:14

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Turned herself back

Canon Westcott, with that beautiful subtilty of perception which so eminently characterizes him, remarks: “We can imagine also that she became conscious of another Presence, as we often feel the approach of a visitor without distinctly seeing or hearing him. It may be, too, that the angels, looking toward the Lord, showed some sign of His coming.”

Saw (θεωρεῖ)

Present tense. Rev., beholdeth. She looks at Him steadfastly and inquiringly as at a stranger. The observance of these distinctions between verbs of seeing, is very important to the perception of the more delicate shading of the narrative.

Knew not (ᾔδει)

Indicating a knowledge based on spiritual fellowship and affinity, an inward, conscious, sure conviction of His identity.