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Vincent Word Studies - John 21:1 - 21:1

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Shewed (ἐφανέρωσεν)

This rendering might easily convey merely the sense of appearing; but its meaning is much deeper. Occurring frequently in the New Testament, it is used most frequently of God and Christ, or of men in their relation to these. Thus, of Christ in person while upon earth (Mar 16:12, Mar 16:14; Joh 1:31; Joh 2:11; 1Pe 1:20; 1Jo 1:2). Of the works of Christ (Joh 2:11; Joh 9:3; 1Jo 3:5). Of Christ in redemption (1Jo 3:5). Of Christ in His second coming (1Jo 2:28). Of Christ in glory (1Jo 3:2; Col 3:4). It is used of God. Of His revelation to men of the knowledge of Himself (Rom 1:19). Of His manifestation in Christ (1Ti 3:16). Of His righteousness (Rom 3:21). Of His love (1Jo 4:9). It is used of men. As epistles manifesting the character and spirit of Christ (2Co 3:3; 2Co 5:11). In the judgment (2Co 5:10). In all these cases the appearing is not merely an appeal to sense, but is addressed to spiritual perception, and contemplates a moral and spiritual effect. It is the setting forth of the law or will or character of God; of the person or work of Christ; of the character or deeds of men, with a view to the disclosure of their quality and to the producing of a moral impression. Rev., manifested.


See on Mat 4:18.

Of Tiberias

Not elsewhere in the Gospels. The Synoptists say, Sea of Galilee or Lake of Gennesaret.