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Vincent Word Studies - John 21:12 - 21:12

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Dine (ἀριστήσατε)

Rather, breakfast. In Attic Greek ἄριστον signified the mid-day meal; the evening meal being known as δεῖπνον. The regular hour for the ἄριστον cannot be fixed with precision. The drift of authority among Greek writers seems to be in favor of noon. The meal described here, however, evidently took place at an earlier hour, and would seem to have answered more nearly to the ἀκρατίσμα, or breakfast of the Greeks, which was taken directly upon rising. Plutarch, however, expressly states that both names were applied to the morning meal, and says of Alexander, “He was accustomed to breakfast (ἠρίστα) at early dawn, sitting, and to sup (ἐδείπνει) late in the evening.” In Mat 22:4, it is an ἄριστον to which the king's wedding-guests are invited.

Ask (ἐξετα.σαι)

Rev., inquire. Implying careful and precise inquiry. It occurs only three times in the New Testament; of Herod's command to search diligently for the infant Christ (Mat 2:8), and of the apostles' inquiring out the worthy members of a household (Mat 10:11).