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Vincent Word Studies - John 21:15 - 21:15

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Simon, son of Jonas

Compare Christ's first address to Peter, Joh 1:43. He never addresses him by the name of Peter, while that name is commonly used, either alone or with Simon, in the narrative of the Gospels, and in the Greek form Peter, not the Aramaic Cephas, which, on the other hand, is always employed by Paul. For Jonas read as Rev., John.

Lovest (ἀγαπᾶς)

Jesus uses the more dignified, really the nobler, but, as it seems to Peter, in the ardor of his affection, the colder word for love. See on Joh 5:20.

More than these

More than these disciples love me. Compare Joh 13:37; Mat 26:33. The question conveys a gentle rebuke for his former extravagant professions.

I love (φιλῶ)

Peter substitutes the warmer, more affectionate word, and omits all comparison with his fellow-disciples.

Feed (βόσκε)

See on 1Pe 5:2.

Lambs (ἀρνία)

Diminutive: little lambs. Godet remarks: “There is a remarkable resemblance between the present situation and that of the two scenes in the previous life of Peter with which it is related. He had been called to the ministry by Jesus after a miraculous draught of fishes; it is after a similar draught that the ministry is restored to him. He had lost his office by a denial beside a fire of coal; it is beside a fire of coal that he recovers it.”