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Vincent Word Studies - John 21:18 - 21:18

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Young (νεώτερος)

Literally, younger. Peter was apparently of middle age. See Mat 8:14.

Thou girdedst thyself (ἐζώννυες σεαυτὸν)

The word may have been suggested by Peter's girding his fisher's coat round him. The imperfect tense signifies something habitual. Thou wast wont to clothe thyself and to come and go at will.

Walkedst (περιεπάτεις)

Literally, walkedst about. Peculiarly appropriate to describe the free activity of vigorous manhood.

Stretch forth thy hands

The allusion to the extending of the hands on the cross, which some interpreters have found here, is fanciful. It is merely an expression for the helplessness of age.

Whither thou wouldest not

According to tradition Peter suffered martyrdom at Rome, and was crucified with his head downward.