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Vincent Word Studies - John 3:11 - 3:11

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We speak - we know - we have seen

After the use of the singular number in Joh 3:3, Joh 3:5, Joh 3:7, Joh 3:12, the plural here is noteworthy. It is not merely rhetorical - “a plural of majesty” - but is explained by Joh 3:8, “every one that is born of the Spirit.” The new birth imparts a new vision. The man who is born of the Spirit hath eternal life (Joh 3:36); and life eternal is to know God and Jesus Christ whom He hath sent (Joh 17:3). “Ye have an anointing from the Holy One, and ye know (οἴδατε) all things” (1Jo 2:20). He who is born of water and of the Spirit sees the kingdom of God. This we therefore includes, with Jesus, all who are truly born anew of the Spirit. Jesus meets the we know of Nicodemus (Joh 3:2), referring to the class to which he belonged, with another we know, referring to another class, of which He was the head and representative. We know (οἴδαμεν), absolutely. See on Joh 2:24.

Testify (μαρτυροῦμεν)

Rev., better, bear witness of. See on Joh 1:7.