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Vincent Word Studies - John 3:17 - 3:17

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Sent (ἀπέστειλεν)

See on Joh 1:6. Sent rather than gave (Joh 3:16), because the idea of sacrifice is here merged in that of authoritative commission.

His Son

The best texts read τὸν, the, for αὐτοῦ, his.

Condemn (κρίνῃ)

Better, as Rev., judge. Condemn is κατακρίνω, not used by John (Mat 20:18; Mar 10:33, etc.). The verb κρίνω means, originally, to separate. So Homer, of Ceres separating the grain from the chaff (“Iliad,” v. 501). Thence, to distinguish, to pick out, to be of opinion, to judge. See on Hypocrite, Mat 23:13.


The threefold repetition of the word has a certain solemnity. Compare Joh 1:10; Joh 15:19.