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Vincent Word Studies - John 3:2 - 3:2

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To Jesus

The best texts substitute πρὸς αὐτὸν, to him.

By night

Through timidity, fearing to compromise his dignity, and possibly his safety. The fact is noticed again, Joh 19:39 (see on Joh 7:50). By night, “when Jewish superstition would keep men at home.” He could reach Jesus' apartment without being observed by the other inmates of the house, for an outside stair led to the upper room.


The teacher of Israel (Joh 3:10) addresses Jesus by the title applied by his own disciples to himself - my master (see on Joh 1:38). “We may be sure that a member of the sect that carefully scrutinized the Baptist's credentials (Joh 1:19-24) would not lightly address Jesus by this title of honor, or acknowledge Him as teacher” (Milligan and Moulton).

We know (οἴδαμεν)

Assured conviction based on Jesus' miracles (see on Joh 2:24).

Thou art a teacher

According to the Greek order, that thou art come from God as teacher.

From God

These words stand first in the sentence as emphatic. It is from God that thou hast come.