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Vincent Word Studies - John 3:32 - 3:32

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Receiveth (λαμβάνει)

Once only John uses δέχομαι for receive, of the Galilaeans receiving Christ (Joh 4:45). The distinction between the two is not sharply maintained, but δέχομαι commonly adds to the idea of taking, that of welcoming. Thus Demosthenes says that the Theban elders did not receive (ἐδέξαντο) i.e., with a welcome pleasure, the money which was offered them, nor did they take it (ἔλαβον). Λαμβάνει also includes the retaining of what is taken. Hence of receiving Christ (Joh 1:12; Joh 5:43; Joh 13:20). The phrase receive the witness is peculiar to John (Joh 3:11; Joh 5:34; 1Jo 5:9).