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Vincent Word Studies - John 4:21 - 4:21

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The hour cometh (ἔρχεται ὥρα)

Rather an hour. There is no article. Is coming; is even now on its way.

Shall ye worship (προσκυνήσετε)

See on Act 10:25. The word was used indefinitely in Joh 4:20. Here with the Father, thus defining true worship.

The Father

This absolute use of the title the Father is characteristic of John. He speaks of God as the Father, and my Father, more commonly the former. On the distinction between the two Canon Westcott observes: “Generally it may be said that the former title expresses the original relation of God to being, and specially to humanity, in virtue of man's creation in the divine image; and the latter more particularly the relation of the Father to the Son incarnate, and so indirectly to man in virtue of the Incarnation. The former suggests those thoughts which spring from the consideration of the absolute moral connection of man with God; the latter those which spring from what is made known to us, through revelation, of the connection of the Incarnate Son with God and with man.” See Joh 6:45; Joh 10:30; Joh 20:21; Joh 8:18, Joh 8:19; Joh 14:6-10; Joh 15:8. John never uses our Father; only once your Father (Joh 20:17), and never Father without the article, except in address.