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Vincent Word Studies - John 4:35 - 4:35

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Say not ye

In what follows, Jesus is contrasting the natural harvest-time with the spiritual, which was immediately to take place in the ingathering of the Samaritans. Ye is emphatic, marking what the disciples expect according to the order of nature. As you look on these green fields between Ebal and Gerizim, ye say, it is yet four months to harvest.

There are four months (τετράμηνον ἐστιν)

Properly, it is a space of four months. Only here in the New Testament.

Harvest (θερισμὸς)

See on Luk 10:2.

White (λευκαί)

See on Luk 9:29.

Already unto harvest

Spiritual harvest. The crowd of Samaritans now pouring out toward the well was to Jesus as a ripe harvest-field, prefiguring the larger harvest of mankind which would be reaped by His disciples. By the best texts the already is joined with the next verse, and the καὶ, and, at the beginning of that verse is omitted: Already he that reapeth receiveth, etc.

Wages (μισθὸν)

See on 2Pe 2:13.

Unto life eternal

This is explained either, which shall not perish but endure unto eternal life, or into life eternal, as into a granary. Compare Joh 4:14.

Together (ὁμοῦ)

The construction is peculiar: that both the sower may rejoice together and the reaper. Together signifies not in common, but simultaneously. So quickly does the harvest follow the gospel-seed sown among the Samaritans, that the sower and the reaper rejoice together.