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Vincent Word Studies - John 4:42 - 4:42

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Said (ἔλεγον)

The imperfect tense: said to the woman as they successively met her.

Saying (λαλιὰν)

Another word is designedly substituted for λόγον, word (Joh 4:39, Joh 4:41). In Joh 4:39 λόγος, word, is used of the woman, from the Evangelist's standpoint, as being a testimony to Christ. Here the Samaritans distinguish between the more authoritative and dignified word of Jesus, and the talk of the woman. Rev., speaking. Compare the kindred verb λαλέω, in Joh 4:26, Joh 4:27; also Joh 8:43; Mat 26:73.

The Christ

The best texts omit.

The Savior (ὁ σωτὴρ)

John uses the word only here and 1Jo 4:14. See on Jesus, Mat 1:21. It is significant that this conception of Christ should have been first expressed by a Samaritan.