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Vincent Word Studies - John 5:35 - 5:35

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A burning and shining light (ὁ λύχνος ὁ καιόμενος καὶ φαίνων)

Rev., correctly, the lamp that burneth and shineth. Λύχνος, lamp, as contrasted with the light (φῶς). See Joh 1:5, Joh 1:7, Joh 1:8, Joh 1:9; and compare Joh 8:12; Joh 9:5; Joh 12:46. Wyc., lantern. The Baptist did not, like Jesus, shine by his own light. The definite article with lamp, points to it as a familiar household object. Burning hints at the fact that the lamp gives but a transitory light. In burning the oil is consumed.

Ye were willing

Again the emphatic ὑμεῖς, ye.

To rejoice (ἀγαλλιασθῆναι)

The word signifies exultant, lively joy. See Mat 5:12; Luk 1:47; Luk 10:21; 1Pe 1:6. The interest in the Baptist was a frivolous, superficial, and short-lived excitement. Bengel says, “they were attracted by his brightness, not by his warmth.”