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Vincent Word Studies - John 5:44 - 5:44

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Ye believe

Again the emphatic ye, the reason for the emphasis being given in the succeeding clause.

Which receive (λαμβάνοντες)

Literally, receiving (as ye do): seeing that ye receive.

Seek not the honor that cometh from God only (καὶ τὴν δόξαν τὴν μόνου Θεοῦ οὐ ζητεῖτε)

The Rev. gives it capitally, following the Greek order: and the glory that cometh from the only God ye seek not. Not God only, which entirely overlooks the force of the definite article; but the only God. Compare 1Ti 6:15, 1Ti 6:16; Joh 17:3; Rom 16:27.