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Vincent Word Studies - John 5:45 - 5:45

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I will accuse (κατηγορήσω)

From κατά, against, and ἀγορεύω, to speak in the assembly (ἀγορά). Hence, properly, to bring an accusation in court. John uses no other verb for accuse, and this only here, Joh 8:6, and Rev 12:10. Once in the New Testament διαβάλλω occurs (Luk 16:1, on which see note), signifying malicious accusation, and secret, as distinguished from public, accusation (κατηγορία). Αἰτιάομαι occurs once in the compound προῃτιασάμεθα, we before laid to the charge (Rom 3:9). This has reference especially to the ground of accusation (αἰτία). Ἑγκαλέω occurs only in Acts, with the exception of Rom 8:33. It means to accuse publicly, but not necessarily before a tribunal. See Act 23:28, Act 23:29; Act 26:2, Act 26:7.

In whom ye trust (εἰσ ̔̀ον ὑμεῖς ἠλπίκατε)

A strong expression. Literally, into whom ye have hoped. Rev., admirably, on whom ye have set your hope.