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Vincent Word Studies - John 6:21 - 6:21

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They willingly received (ἤθελον λαβεῖν)

Wrong. Rev., correctly, they were willing to receive; after being reassured by His voice. The imperfect denotes a continuous state of feeling, not a mere impulsive and temporary wish.

Immediately (εὐθέως)

Whether Jesus actually entered the boat or not, John does not say. The more natural inference is that he did. Both Matthew and Mark say so. Their immediate and miraculous arrival at the shore was simultaneous either with their entertaining the wish to receive Him, or with His actually coming on board. Only John mentions this incident. Matthew and Mark say that the wind ceased.

They went (ὑπῆγον)

Imperfect: were going. Literally, were going away. The verb has the sense of retiring from something. Compare Joh 6:67; Joh 7:33, on which see note; Joh 12:11; Joh 18:8.