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Vincent Word Studies - John 6:44 - 6:44

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Draw (ἑλκύση)

Two words for drawing are found in the New Testament, σύρω and ἑλκύω. The distinction is not habitually observed, and the meanings often overlap. Σύρω is originally to drag or trail along, as a garment or torn slippers. Both words are used of haling to justice. (See Act 8:3; Act 17:6; Act 16:19) In Act 14:19, συ.ρω, of dragging Paul's senseless body out of the city at Lystra. In Joh 21:6, Joh 21:8, Joh 21:11, both words of drawing the net. In Joh 18:10, ἑλκύω, of drawing Peter's sword. One distinction, however, is observed: σύρω is never used of Christ's attraction of men. See Joh 6:44; Joh 12:32. Ἑλκύω occurs only once outside of John's writings (Act 16:19). Luther says on this passage: “The drawing is not like that of the executioner, who draws the thief up the ladder to the gallows; but it is a gracious allurement, such as that of the man whom everybody loves, and to whom everybody willingly goes.”