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Vincent Word Studies - John 6:68 - 6:68

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Simon Peter

Assailants of the authenticity of John's Gospel have asserted that it reveals an effort on the part of the writer to claim for the disciple whom Jesus loved a pre-eminence above Peter. The assertion is effectually contradicted by the narrative itself. See Joh 1:42; Joh 6:68; Joh 13:6; Joh 18:10, Joh 18:16; Joh 20:2, Joh 20:7; Joh 21:3, Joh 21:7, Joh 21:11, and notes on those passages. Peter's replying for the twelve, in this passage, is a case in point.

The words of eternal life (ῥήματα ζωῆς αἰωνίου)

There is no article. Thou hast words. Words of life are words which carry life with them. Compare the phrases bread of life, light of life, water of life, tree of life.