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Vincent Word Studies - John 7:28 - 7:28

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Then (οὗν)

Rev., rightly, therefore, giving the reason for the succeeding words in Jesus' emotion awakened by the misconceptions of the people.

Cried (ἔκραξεν)

See on Mar 5:5; see on Mar 9:24.

As He taught (διδάσκων)

Better, Rev., teaching. The expression cried teaching implies speaking in a peculiarly solemn manner and with an elevation of voice.

Me - whence I am

Conceding the truth of the people's statement in Joh 7:27, we know this man whence he is, so far as His outward person and His earthly origin were concerned. He goes on to show that they are ignorant of His divine relationship.

True (ἀληθινὸς)

True to the ideal of a sender: a genuine sender in the highest sense of the term. See on Joh 1:9.