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Vincent Word Studies - John 8:51 - 8:51

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Keep (τηρήσῃ)

See on 1Pe 1:4.

Saying (λόγον)

Better, word, as Rev. See on Joh 8:43.

He shall not see death (θάνατον οὐ μὴ θεωρήσῃ)

The phrase θεωρεῖν θάνατον, to see death, occurs only here in the New Testament. The double negative signifies in nowise, by no means. Θεωρήσῃ see, denoting steady, protracted vision, is purposely used, because the promise contemplates the entire course of the believer's life in Christ. It is not, shall not die forever, but shall live eternally. Upon this life, which is essentially the negation and contradiction of death, the believer enters from the moment of his union with Christ, and moves along its entire course, in time no less than in eternity, seeing only life, and with his back turned on death. The reverse of this truth, in connection with the same verb, is painfully suggestive. The question is pertinent why the Revisers have retained see, and have not substituted behold, as in so many instances.