Robertson Word Pictures - 1 Thessalonians 2:12 - 2:12

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Robertson Word Pictures - 1 Thessalonians 2:12 - 2:12

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To the end that (eis to). Final use of eis and the articular infinitive, common idiom in the papyri and Paul uses eis to and the infinitive fifty times (see again in 1Th 3:2), some final, some sub-final, some result (Robertson, Grammar, pp. 989-91).

Walk worthily of God (peripatein axiōs tou theou). Present infinitive (linear action), and genitive case with adverb axiōs as in Col 1:10 (cf. Phi 1:27; Eph 4:1), like a preposition.

Calleth (kalountos). Present active participle, keeps on calling. Some MSS. have kalesantos, called.

Kingdom (basileian) here is the future consummation because of glory (doxan) as in 2Th 1:5; 1Co 6:9; 1Co 15:50; Gal 5:21; 2Ti 4:1, 2Ti 4:18), but Paul uses it for the present kingdom of grace also as in 1Co 4:20; Rom 14:17; Col 1:13.