Robertson Word Pictures - 1 Thessalonians 2:14 - 2:14

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Robertson Word Pictures - 1 Thessalonians 2:14 - 2:14

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Imitators of the churches of God which are in Judea (mimētai tōn ekklēsiōn tou theou tōn ousōn en tēi Ioudaiāi). On mimētai see note on 1Th 1:6. “This passage, implying an affectionate admiration of the Jewish churches on the part of St. Paul, and thus entirely bearing out the impression produced by the narrative in the Acts, is entirely subversive of the theory maintained by some and based on a misconception of Galatians 2, and by the fiction of the Pseudo-Clementines, of the feud existing between St. Paul and the Twelve” (Lightfoot).

In Christ Jesus (en Christōi Iēsou). It takes this to make a Christian church of God. Note order here Christ Jesus as compared with Jesus Christ in 1Th 1:1, 1Th 1:3.

Ye also - even as they (kai humeiṡ̇kai autoi). Note kai twice (correlative use of kai).

Countrymen (sumphuletōn). Fellow-countrymen or tribesmen. Late word that refers primarily to Gentiles who no doubt joined the Jews in Thessalonica who instigated the attacks on Paul and Silas so that it “was taken up by the native population, without whose Corinthians-operation it would have been powerless” (Lightfoot).

Own (idiōn) here has apparently a weakened force. Note hupo here with the ablative both with sumphuletōn and Ioudaiōn after the intransitive epathete (suffered). The persecution of the Christians by the Jews in Judea was known everywhere.