Robertson Word Pictures - 2 Timothy 1:4 - 1:4

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Robertson Word Pictures - 2 Timothy 1:4 - 1:4

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Night and day (nuktos kai hēmeras). Genitive of time, “by night and by day.” As in 1Th 2:9; 1Th 3:10.

Longing (epipothōn). Present active participle of epipotheō, old word, eight times in Paul (1Th 3:6; Phi 1:8, etc.).

Remembering thy tears (memnēmenos sou tōn dakruōn). Perfect middle participle of mimnēskō, old and common verb with the genitive, only here in the Pastorals and elsewhere by Paul only in 1Co 11:2. Probably an allusion to the scene at Miletus (Act 20:37). Cf. Act 20:19.

That I may be filled with joy (hina charas plērōthō). Final clause with hina and first aorist passive subjunctive of plēroō (with genitive case charas), a verb common with Paul (Rom 8:4; Rom 13:8).