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Robertson Word Pictures - 2 Timothy 1:5 - 1:5

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Having been reminded (hupomnēsin labōn). “Having received (second aorist active participle of lambanō) a reminder” (old word from hupomimnēskō, to remind, in N.T. only here and 1Pe 1:13). For the idiom see note on Rom 7:8, Rom 7:11. A reminder by another while anamnēsis remembrance (1Co 11:24.) is rather a recalling by oneself (Vincent).

Of the unfeigned faith (tēs anupokritou pisteōs). Late compound for which see note on 2Co 6:6; Rom 12:9.

Dwelt (enōikēsen). First aorist active indicative of enoikeō, old verb, in N.T. only in Paul (Rom 8:11; Col 3:16).

First (prōton). Adverb, not adjective (prōtē).

In thy grandmother Lois (en tēi mammēi Lōidi). Old word, originally the infantile word for mētēr (mother), then extended by writers to grandmother as here. Common for grandmother in the papyri. Lois is the mother of Eunice, Timothy’s mother, since Timothy’s father was a Greek (Act 16:1). Probably both grandmother and mother became Christians.

I am persuaded (pepeismai). Perfect passive indicative of peithō, “I stand persuaded.” In the Pastorals only here and 2Ti 1:12, common in Paul’s other writings (Rom 8:38, etc.).