Robertson Word Pictures - 2 Timothy 1:6 - 1:6

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Robertson Word Pictures - 2 Timothy 1:6 - 1:6

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For the which cause (di' hēn aitian). “For which cause,” stronger than dio. So in 2Ti 1:12; Tit 1:13. Only example of aitia by Paul save in Act 28:20.

I put thee in remembrance (anamimnēskō). Old compound to remind (1Co 4:17; 2Co 7:15).

That thou stir up (se anazōpurein). Present active infinitive of anazōpureō, old double compound (ana and zōpuron, live coal, zōos and pur, then the bellows for kindling), to rekindle, to stir into flame, to keep blazing (continuous action, present time), only here in N.T. See note on 1Th 5:19 for the figure of fire concerning the Holy Spirit. See anaptō in Luk 12:49.

The gift of God (to charisma tou theou). See note on 1Ti 4:14. Here Paul says mou (my), there he mentions the presbytery. Paul felt a deep personal interest in Timothy. See note on 1Co 7:7; Rom 6:23; Rom 11:29 for the gift of God.