Robertson Word Pictures - 2 Timothy 2:21 - 2:21

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Robertson Word Pictures - 2 Timothy 2:21 - 2:21

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If a man purge himself (ean tis ekkatharēi). Paul drops the metaphor of the house and takes up the individual as one of the “vessels.” Condition of third class with first aorist active subjunctive of ekkathairō, old verb, to cleanse out, in lxx, in N.T. only here and 1Co 5:7.

From these (apo toutōn). From the vessels for dishonour of 2Ti 2:20.

Sanctified (hēgiasmenon). Perfect passive participle of hagiazō, for which verb see note on 1Co 6:11.

Meet for the master’s use (euchrēston tōi despotōi). Dative case despotēi (for which word see note on 1Ti 6:1) with euchrēston, neuter singular like hēgiasmenon agreeing with skeuos. Old verbal adjective (eu and chraomai, to use well), useful or usable for the master. In N.T. only here and 2Ti 4:11. See achrēston in Phm 1:11.

Prepared (hētoimasmenon). Perfect passive participle of hetoimazō, in a state of readiness, old and common word, elsewhere by Paul only 1Co 2:9 (lxx).